How does this work?

Mogi Bagel operates like a pop-up. Every Sunday morning, orders open here for Tuesday bagels. Pre-ordered bagels are picked up between 3-5pm on Tuesdays at Kitchen Space. Bagels are also sold in-person on a first come first serve basis pop-ups and markets. See where we'll be next here!

Do you have a storefront?

Not yet! We make the bagels in a commercial kitchen, Kitchen Space, on 57th & Lyndale, across from the Valvoline. Pre-ordered bagels are picked up there on Tuesday afternoons.

When will you be adding more dates for pre-order??

New dates are added every Sunday morning. Please join our email list, follow us on Instagram, or like our page on Facebook to see reminders!

Can I mix and match my bagels?

For pre-ordered bagels, sort of.

Mix & match is limited to toppings: everything, sesame, plain, salt, and cinnamon sugar. Choose "Toppings Variety (you pick)" to reveal a text box for your write-in.

Cacio e pepe, honey rosemary, blueberry, and cinnamon raisin are not options to mix and match and must be ordered 6 of a kind. This is because their doughs are different and are made in multiples of 6. However, we sell bags of 3 at pop-ups/markets—this is a great way to try more flavors without committing to a whole bag!

Can I pre-order for pop-ups or farmers markets?

For farmers markets, no. Bagels are first come, first serve. For pop-ups, we occasionally offer pre-orders and always have walk-up bagels available too.

You sell out so fast. Why don't you make more bagels?

We wish we could! Making bagels takes 2 days and lots of fridge space for their overnight rise. We just don't have enough space or time to make more right now. Hopefully in the future we can expand production!

I have food allergies. Are your bagels safe for me to eat?

We try our best to keep allergens separate but the bagels are all made in the same kitchen on the same equipment where allergens are present, so it's up to you on how comfortable you feel with that.

All of the bagels contain wheat. Sesame and Everything bagels have sesame seeds on top. Cacio e Pepe bagels contain dairy (cheese). Blueberry contains sunflower oil. All bagels besides the Cacio e Pepe and Honey Rosemary are naturally vegan. We do not use nuts in any of our products.

Do you make gluten-free bagels?

Nope. I hear Hark! Cafe in downtown Minneapolis has great gluten-free bagels.

What does Mogi mean?

Mogi (rhymes with yogi) is a childhood nickname given to me by my sisters. When I had the idea to start a bagel company, my sisters immediately responded with "Mogi Bagel!" And it just stuck.

What does "New York style" mean?

New York style bagels are made with flour, salt, yeast, and barley malt. They are boiled in water with barley malt before baking in a traditional oven. This is a contrast to Montreal style bagels, which contain eggs, honey, and no salt, and are baked in a wood-fired oven.

I missed the pickup window! Can I still get my bagels?

We'll always send you an email if you miss your pickup window. If we don't hear from you within 24 hours, your bagels will be forfeited. Unfortunately, bagels are perishable and we can't guarantee their freshness past 24 hours. If something comes up and you know you're going to miss the pickup window, please email us at mogibagel@gmail.com so we can set up another pickup time.

How long will my bagels stay good?

About a day or two on the counter, months in the freezer. They'll keep best if they're transferred to a plastic bag or container. Do NOT put your bagels in the fridge, they will get hard and crusty! If you're not going to eat all of your bagels the day you get them, you should slice and freeze them. That way they'll stay as fresh as the day you got them! This bag is a great option to keep bagels fresh.

Why should I slice before freezing?

Because it's really hard to slice a frozen bagel. If you slice before freezing, you can put frozen bagels directly into the toaster/oven!